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For over a decade, Pathfinder has been delivering software applications that help users kick ass, providing clients with the technology to enable business breakthroughs and competitive advantage. Companies hire Pathfinder to design, develop and deliver software products faster and better than they can do themselves. And they also hire Pathfinder to teach big, traditional IT firms how to be nimble, fast and customer focused across all their software product development activities. Our clients range from early stage start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in healthcare, financial services, energy, consumer services and other industries.


Bernhard Kappe

As founder and CEO of Pathfinder, Bernhard applies lean startup principles and agile development to launch successful products. As a product of the Chicago-tech industry, he has a passion for launching successful software that makes a difference in the world and helping local startups make it big. He leads the Chicago Lean Startup Circle and the Chicago Product Management Association (ChiPMA), and teaches lean startup courses through Lean Building Blocks.

When he’s not a leader in the Chicago-tech world, Bernhard’s an expert giver of piggyback rides and tickle monster to his two little girls. In a cook-off, he would win hands down with his mean recipe for coconut salmon. He’s a native speaker of English and German, and is fluent in Spanish and French.

Bernhard’s likes include music from and travel to the far corners of the earth, languages, his iPad, and salsa dancing. He can be dazzled with obscure facts and figures. His dislikes include balut and people who sing off key, so you will never catch him watching American Idol.

Bernhard attributes everything he knows to running into a wall (not literally, but he believes that experience is the best teacher.)


Todd Wyder

Todd is very passionate about building great software companies, which is something he has done over and over in his career running Geneer, rhumbtech, StratAlign, AHA! interactive, Schoolnet, Coe Truman, Pathfinder, and BrokerSavant, to name a few…

Todd is obsessed with creating great software that users love, and he is also very passionate about building the Chicago-tech community, currently serving as organizer for both ChiPMA and the Chicago Lean Start-Up Circle.

Prior to getting involved in the Chicago-tech community, Todd was a restaurateur. He is a serious traveler, foodie, sailor and furniture-maker, and dislikes rutabagas both conceptually and has a food substance. He has been known to have eaten palm grubs with indigenous Amazonians and fugu with drunken Japanese businessmen (he has since sworn off the shochu).

Todd attributes everything he knows to the book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.”

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